In the 10 days that followed the 2016 US Presidential Election, there were nearly 900 reports of hate crimes and incidents committed around the country. This rise in hate-motivated violence seems to be the culmination of a larger recent trend. The FBI recently reported that 2015 saw an overall increase in hate crimes in the US, including an alarming 67% increase in hate crimes against Muslims and a surge in attacks against transgender people.

Shortage of Hate Crimes Data

Hate crimes threaten the safety of our families and the fabric of our communities. They can occur anywhere: schools, churches, public spaces and, frequently, at people’s homes. They are often violent.

However, there is a severe shortage of data about hate crimes. Thousands of state and local law enforcement agencies fails to report hate crimes to the FBI. More needs to be done to track and report hate crimes in order to better understand what is happening and how to address it.

Knowledge is Power

HateTracker, a web-based app for tracking and reporting hate incidents, can help. Using HateTracker, anyone can securely report information and submit photos or recordings of hate incidents they experience or witness.

With the data gathered by HateTracker, law enforcement, social justice organizations and the media will be able to identify when, where and how hate incidents are being committed. Knowledge is power and with this valuable data, we can take positive action to combat hate incidents in our communities and create a safer, more inclusive and more just society.

HateTracker works on any phone, any platform at any time, online or offline. It is secure, so data is private and encrypted according to the highest security standards. Parents and teachers can also submit information about hate incidents reported to them by children and students.

Using Knowledge to Overcome Hate

JustPeace Labs and the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center will use the data collected by HateTracker to expose and oppose hate in our communities. We will utilize compelling data visualization and infographics to make the data easy to understand and analyze. Using the data we collect, we will advocate to local government, police, and policy makers to take action against hate and ensure accountability. Finally, we will provide support and services to victims and witnesses of hate incidents, who are struggling to process their experiences. Together we can overcome hate in our communities. To support this initiative and for more information, please see